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Buy exquisite handmade Tanjore paintings online to decorate your home and office interior. Our wide range of Tanjore paintings is crafted by skilled artisans from Tamil Nadu, using authentic stones, cut glass, and 24-carat gold foil, emphasizing intrinsice dtail.

Tanjore painting is a classical painting style originating from the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India. Rich and vivid colors with dense composition make the art form stand out from other painting types. The paintings are decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, glass pieces, and gold foil to add luxury to the aesthetic appeal.

Tanjore paintings are also called “Palagai Padam,” which means picture on a wooden plank, as these paintings are completed on a wooden board. The art form is mainly used to craft paintings of Gods and goddesses in vibrant colors and decorated precisely with ornaments. The plumpness of the faces of the deities provides a pristine and royal look to Tanjore paintings.

Each Tanjore painting is a perfect amalgamation of art and craft. Our wide range of paintings depicts different Hindu gods in different stages of their life. Our Tanjore painting themes include Baby Krishna, Butter Krishna, Radha Krishna, Ashta Lakshmi, Ganesha, Rama, Vishnu, Shiva, Shiva Family, Murugan, Balaji, and Hanuman Tanjore painting. Buy Tanjore paintings online of different Hindu deities in different poses.

We offer 100% handmade, authentic and stunning Tanjore paintings. You can choose to customize the size and frame of the Tanjore painting as per your requirements. We also provide a 25-year warranty for every painting. Buy Tanjore paintings online from Mangala Arts to decorate the walls of your house or to gift your loved ones. We also offer other types of paintings, including Tanjore glass painting, modern painting, paper gold painting, and traditional artworks.

Tanjore Painting

Crafted by skilled craftsmen from the city of Thanjavur, our wide range of Tanjore paintings include paintings of Balaji, Krishna, Amman, Ganesh, Hanuman, Iyyappan, Komatha, Hanuman, and other gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology in various poses.

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Paper Gold Tanjore Painting

Hand-painted on handmade paper, the Paper gold Tanjore Paintings are decorated using glittering 24-carat gold foil. These painting masterpieces truly illustrate the essence of traditional Tanjore painting originated in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, back in the late 16th century.

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Alilai Krishnar Oval Painting

Rs. 6,000.00 + Shipping charge

Mangala Arts Balaji Tanjore Painting
Mangala Arts Balaji Tanjore Painting Alilai Krishnar Oval  Painting Alilai Krishnar Oval  Painting Alilai Krishnar Oval  Painting Alilai Krishnar Oval  Painting
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  • Lord Krishna is considered to be a supreme god and a savior of humanity. Krishna paintings represent love, sacrifice, devotion and positivity. This baby Krishna painting is made by high quality 24 carat gold foil and authentic Jaipur gems. Crafted by skilled artisans in Thanjavur, this painting is 100% handmade. 
    This painting can be used as pooja room paintings, to decorate the walls of temples, palaces and homes. It's made using unique handmade paints on plywood and comes with a 25 years warranty card. You can also customize the size and the frame of the painting according to your specifications.

  • About : Tanjore paintings are classical south Indian painting style, that originated from Tanjore in Tamil Nadu back in the 17th century. These paintings are characterized by their rich and vivid colors, simple iconic composition, glittering gold foils overlaid on  delicate but extensive gesso work and inlay of glass beads and pieces or very rarely precious and semi-precious gems. They essentially symbolize ancient themes of traditional gods and goddesses.

    Elegance : Tanjore paintings are believed to be auspicious and preserved as valuable antiques. The paintings are painted by expert artisans who empathize on precision and detail. These paintings make your walls beautiful and gives it a royal touch. Also, they are an ideal gifting option for any occasion.

  • Size: Multiple Sizes
    Color: Multi
    Material: Plywood

Warli Artwork

Explore our exclusive 100% handmade paper gold Tanjore painting crafted by artisans from Thanjavur. Paper gold Tanjore painting is an art form that includes 24-carat gold leaf work on 100% handmade paper.


Get the traditional Tanjore painting with a touch of modern art with our range of acrylic base Tanjore paintings. Artisans use the modern painting style of acrylic base painting and decorate it with glass beads, precious and semi-precious Jaipur stones, and glittering 24-carat gold foil to provide an exquisite classical look to each painting.


Wonderful balaji tanjore painting that gives divine look to my pooja room.

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Bought a beautiful customized painting. Awesome collections and great customer service.

– Mayank Pandey

Had a unforgettable painting at my home that gives luxurious look. Thanks to Mangala Arts and its artists.

– Shaiju

A great experience with Mangala Arts Team.

– Nirmal


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The mesmerizing spiritual paintings of gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology evoke the sense of tradition as they illustrate alluring scenes from the life of the deities. Modern-day artists have taken this traditional art form and combined it with other styles of paintings to create mixed media art forms, such as glass Tanjore painting, acrylic base Tanjore painting, and more. At Mangala Arts, we promote this traditional art form, and professional artists handcraft all the paintings.  Buy Tanjore painting online crafted with precision by skilled artisans.