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Mangala Arts

About us

Mangala was created with a vision of promoting the traditional art forms of the Tanjore and South India.

The founder Vanmathi Balakrishnan hails from Kumbakonam town in the Tanjore District. She has been trained in the traditional art form by the native artisans of the Tanjore region for several years.

After Marriage, she moved to Coimbatore to her husband's home, where she continued to develop her talents and support several artists from around South India.She has received various awards for her talents and her loyal and committed team of over 30 artists ensure each and every artwork done is authentic and of the highest quality.

You can rest assured that when you buy at Mangala, you are not only getting the most creative and authentic painting but also helping in ensuring the well-being of deserving artists and preserving an ancient art form.