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Choosing the Best Place to Buy Tanjore Paintings Online

tanjore paintings

Tanjore or Thanjavur paintings, hailing from South India, are a unique and opulent form of traditional Indian art. With more people buying art on the Internet, exploring Tanjore paintings online has become easier. However, if you want to ensure your paintings are genuine and of quality, firstly, you have to choose the right platform.

Online galleries offer convenience, a wide range of options, and the ability to compare Thanjavur painting prices. To make a wise and enjoyable purchase, one must understand what is Tanjore art and keep in mind factors like reputation, secure payment, and customer reviews. Embrace the charm of Tanjore paintings through a trusted online platform, and you will have no regrets.

Understanding Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are rooted in South India, specifically the state of Tamil Nadu. These pieces of art have a remarkable visual appeal thanks to their vivid colors, fine details, and usage of gold foil. Beyond aesthetics, Tanjore art tells you about customs and stories important to Indian culture. An important part of Indian heritage, each painting tells a story about a deity or a ruler. Once you are aware of the rich creative and spiritual tradition that Tanjore paintings showcase, you will be able to appreciate these artistic treasures more fully.

tanjore paintings

Benefits of Buying Tanjore Paintings Online

Exploring Tanjore paintings online brings several advantages.

  • Firstly, it offers easy access to a diverse array of artists and styles. Therefore, there are many choices for art enthusiasts.
  • Online stores provide the convenience of effortless browsing, allowing one to explore various pieces from the comfort of home.
  • Additionally, comparative pricing helps buyers make price decisions, often saving costs.
  • Importantly, customer reviews offer insights into the quality and satisfaction of previous purchases, aiding new buyers in making confident and well-informed choices when selecting their cherished Tanjore artworks.

Considerations When Choosing a Platform to Buy Tanjore Paintings Online

When selecting an online platform for Tanjore paintings, check the boxes for the points mentioned below.

  • Firstly, check the reputation and reliability of the online gallery and find out if it is a trustworthy source.
  • Secondly, look for diversity and authenticity in the Tanjore paintings offered.
  • Prioritize platforms with secure payment options and buyer protection for a safe transaction.
  • Understand shipping and return policies to avoid surprises, and opt for platforms with clear communication channels for customer support.

Evaluating these aspects ensures a reliable and enjoyable journey while choosing and purchasing your cherished Tanjore paintings online.

tanjore painting

Best Place to Buy Tanjore Paintings Online

Discovering authentic Tanjore paintings is made easier when you have a list of top online platforms. Explore websites known for their reliability and genuine artwork. Each platform offers unique features—some may focus on traditional pieces, while others showcase modern styles. Look for customer reviews to gain insights into others' positive experiences. Consider well-established platforms like Mangala Tanjore Paintings, Artzolo, or Artisera for an extensive collection and personalized options.

1. Mangala Tanjore Paintings

Mangala Tanjore Paintings is clear evidence of the rich artistic heritage of Tanjore, with founder Vanmathi Balakrishnan bringing a deep connection to the craft. Hailing from Kumbakonam in the Tanjore District, her roots are based in the traditional art form. Having undergone extensive training from local artisans, she brings not only a personal touch but also a profound understanding of the cultural and artistic nuances of Tanjore paintings. This platform, guided by authentic expertise, ensures a collection that resonates with the true essence of Tanjore artistry.

2. Artzolo, a hub for art lovers, now features an extensive collection of Tanjore paintings alongside its diverse array. The platform welcomes a wide range of artistic mediums, each of which tells a distinct story and has a deep awareness of the essential role that art plays in society. offers more than 16,000 artworks by more than 1000 artists, catering to a wide range of preferences from abstract and modern to ancient Indian heritage. In addition to paintings, the platform offers sculptures and wall murals, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for both artists and art lovers.

3. Artisera

Artisera offers a good selection of fine Tanjore paintings and other collectibles. The portal offers a carefully curated selection of paintings, sculptures, and traditional art, all of which are produced with the aim of quality and curation. In addition, all of the artwork on Artisera comes from respected designers, artists, and collectors, guaranteeing authenticity and providing art lovers with a pleasurable experience. If you're looking for a rare Tanjore painting or want to explore other art forms, Artisera is a reliable place to find and purchase exceptional and one-of-a-kind pieces.

By exploring these recommended websites, you can confidently choose the perfect Tanjore painting that aligns with your taste and preferences.

Tips for Making a Wise Purchase

Ensure a wise Tanjore painting purchase with these essential tips:

  • Firstly, research the artist to understand their unique style and study whether it aligns with your choices.
  • Secondly, verify the authenticity and quality of the artwork by checking for artist signatures or certifications.
  • Explore customization options if you desire a personalized touch to your chosen piece.
  • Additionally, understand the size and space requirements, ensuring the artwork complements your living space seamlessly.

By following these simple yet crucial tips, you can confidently select a Tanjore painting that aligns with your taste and adds a touch of cultural richness to your surroundings.


Tanjore paintings have a special place in history and culture, and now you can find them easily on the Internet. Picking the right website is important; you should check if it's trustworthy, has different paintings, and has safe ways to pay. The good part is you get to choose from many artists, it's easy, it saves money, and you can read what others say before buying. When you pick a painting, learn about the artist, be sure it's real, and know the size you want. It's great to explore, find good websites, and hear what others think to make sure you're happy with your new Tanjore painting!

Visit Mangala Tanjore Paintings for an authentic and delightful Tanjore art experience. Explore a diverse collection of exquisite artworks, carefully crafted with vibrant colors and intricate details. Find the perfect piece to add a touch of cultural richness to your space!

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