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Top reasons why a Tanjore painting is a perfect gift for a housewarming or office inauguration?

Top reasons why a Tanjore painting is a perfect gift for a housewarming or office inauguration?

What is the ideal place to purchase one or get a Tanjore painting made-to-order?

There are many gifting options that are available. But, when it comes to gifting someone that is useful, a Tanjore painting is an ideal gifting option. 

Why are Tanjore paintings an ideal gifting option?

Little did the creators of the Tanjore painting know that this art form will live for many years, even after they (the) artists who created them are no more. Tanjore paintings are evergreen. They make up a perfect gifting option also. A Tanjore painting can be gifted to people of all age groups for any occasion.

Here is why a Tanjore painting makes up a perfect gifting option

In India and around the world, it is customary to exchange gifts. In fact, in some cultures, the gift speaks volumes about the giver. A majority of times, we give and receive gifts out of love. The same holds good for family members and friends. Whether big or small, no occasion or celebration is complete without exchanging gifts. It is a daunting task for the giver to select a gift when it comes to gifting. There are several aspects to consider while selecting a gift. While gifting options are many-a-plenty, Tanjore paintings are one of the best gifting options to give to a family or a friend. In no order of importance, here is a listing of why a Tanjore painting can be the perfect gifting option.

There is one for everyone!

When it comes to Tanjore paintings, there is a misconception that a Tanjore painting can have images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses per se. Tanjore paintings are made featuring images of spiritual leaders and deities of other religions. So, if you have to visit a non-Hindu friend or family member and cannot go without a gift for them, you can consider gifting them a Tanjore painting of the God or Goddess they worship. If you do not wish to opt for an image from the spiritual side, you can choose from a Tanjore painting with another subject.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

When we receive a gift, we become happy. And this happiness knows no bounds when we receive a beautiful gift. Tanjore paintings are one such gifting option that is beautiful and can be a joy forever for the receiver. So, the next time, instead of racking your brains about what to give as a gift to a near and dear one, consider gifting them a Tanjore painting.

History and tradition come alive, courtesy of the Tanjore painting

When you give a Tanjore painting, you are not just giving a gift. Tanjore paintings are a staunch reminder of the by-gone era. Of all the gems that the Tanjore town has produced, Tanjore paintings are the foremost. The globally acclaimed painting style and the unique manner in which the (3D) 3 Dimensional effect is created make a Tanjore painting what it is. Thus, Tanjore paintings are the perfect gift you can give for any occasion. Moreover, they make up the perfect gift for those staying overseas, as a Tanjore painting is one of the best ways for non-resident Indians to stay connected with their motherland.

It can be customized to match the occasion

While it takes time to create a Tanjore painting, it is possible to customize a piece to match the preference. If you are aware of the occasion and the receiver's taste, you can reach out to an artist and instruct on what size the painting should be made to and what subject it must feature. In addition, the frame that runs around the Tanjore painting can be selected, keeping in mind the receiver's preference.

Some Tanjore paintings decorate the walls of an office's living room or boardroom. In addition, a Tanjore painting is decorated with flowers, smeared with Holy ash, and is worshiped in Hindu places of worship and the prayer room of homes.

What is a Tanjore painting?

Tanjore paintings are a south Indian form of art that have their roots in the south Indian town of Thanjavur, also known as Tanjore, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. This form of art came into being in 1600 AD. It was when the Vijayanagara Rayas governed the Nayakas of Thanjavur. The latter encouraged art, primarily dance and music. It is believed that the Vijayanagara Rayas also encouraged the painting of paramount Hindu spiritual subjects in the Hindu places of worship. The distinctive gold coating makes the paintings stand out. However, it is believed that the Tanjore painting that we know of today originated in the Maratha court of Thanjavur between 1676 and 1855. Even in the contemporary era, the Tanjore paintings have stood the test of time beyond an iota of doubt.

What is the ideal place to purchase a Tanjore painting?

There are many places to purchase a Tanjore painting. Thanks to the new normal, you can visit a store and purchase a painting. And if you are pressed for time, you can surf the internet and purchase a Tanjore painting online. Suppose you like to walk into an art gallery and purchase one, or you wish to virtually visit a store and purchase a Tanjore painting online. In that case, we recommend considering taking a closer look at Mangala Tanjore Paintings. Beyond any doubt, it is one of the best places from where you can purchase a Tanjore painting.

Variety of Tanjore paintings available under one roof

At the Mangala Tanjore paintings, you can select from various available paintings. It is one of the best places to purchase a Tanjore painting. On display and for sale at the art gallery are simple Tanjore paintings, antique Tanjore paintings, and modern Tanjore paintings. If you want to purchase the best Tanjore painting for your home or office, or if you wish to purchase a Tanjore painting to gift to a friend or a family member, you know where to go. If you like to touch and feel the Tanjore painting before purchasing it, you can walk into the art gallery. An expert will help you select the best Tanjore painting.

Additionally, you can visit the official website of the art gallery to purchase one. Then, you can have the Tanjore painting delivered to your doorstep. You could also make the payment for the painting online and have it shipped to your near and dear ones.

If you wish to purchase a masterpiece Tanjore painting, Mangala Tanjore Paintings is from where you can get one.

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