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Ganesh Tanjore Painting

Check out our exclusive collection of traditional style Ganesha Tanjore paintings handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Each painting is designed and decorated using authentic Jaipur stones, glass beads, vivid colors, and 24-carat gold foil. Buy an exquisite Tanjore painting of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the patron of art, science, and wisdom.

Lord Ganesh Tanjore Painting

Bring home the traditional artform of the 16th century along with the blessings and grace of Lord Ganesha by adding beautiful Lord Ganesha Tanjore paintings to decorate the walls of your living room, pooja room, entrance, hall, kitchen, and workplace. Lord Ganesha, also known as Vinayaka and Ganpati, is one of the most worshipped Hindu gods. His name means “Lord of the people” as the word “Gana” translates to ‘common people.’ He is admired as the remover of obstacles and is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Lord Ganesh is the god of wisdom and intellect and the patron of art and science.

Tanjore painting or Thanjavur painting is a traditional art form that originated in the 16th century during the Chola dynasty and flourished into its current form during the Maratha rule in the 17th century. The skilled artisans from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu handcraft these beautiful paintings using vibrant colors, glass beads, precious stones and gems, and 24-carat gold foil while giving special attention to precision and quality. Tanjore painting form is normally used to portray Hindu gods and goddesses in different phases and positions.

Our wide range of Ganesha Tanjore paintings includes paintings of Lord Ganesha in different forms, including Ganesha Acrylic Tanjore paintings, Pillayar Antique Finish Tanjore Paintings, Ganesha 24 Carat Gold Foil Tanjore Painting, Maapillai Vinayagar Acrylic Base Tanjore Painting, and Umbrella Ganesha Tanjore Acrylic Base Painting.

  •     Ganesha Acrylic Tanjore Paintings: Acrylic base Tanjore paintings are a unique combination of traditional Tanjore art with the modern painting style of Acrylic base painting. The artisans use the modern art of acrylic base to handcraft the Ganesha Acrylic base Tanjore paintings and decorate it in the traditional way using glass beads, precious Jaipur gems, and 24-carat gold. 
  •   Pillayar Antique Finish Tanjore Painting: The Pillayar antique finish Tanjore paintings bring auspiciousness to your home and can be preserved as valuable antiques. These antique paintings of Lord Ganesha are made using high-quality gold foils and precious Jaipur stones.
  • Ganesha Tanjore Painting without Frame: Our collection of Lord Ganesha Tanjore paintings are also available without a frame. You can order these paintings and get them framed as you want or use them to decorate your home and workplace without a frame.
  • Ganesha 24 Carat Gold Foil Tanjore Painting: This 24-Carat gold foil Ganesha Tanjore painting is decorated with high-quality glittering gold to provide the painting with an antique and traditional look.
  •   Maapillai Vinayagar Acrylic Base Tanjore Painting: Maapillai Vinayagar Tanjore painting is crafted on an acrylic base using the modern painting technique and decorated with glass beads, precious Jaipur stones, and glittering gold to add a traditional touch to the painting.
  •   Umbrella Ganesha Tanjore Acrylic Base Painting: In Umbrella Ganesha Tanjore paintings, Lord Ganesh is holding an umbrella in his hand and seems to be walking. An umbrella represents protection from sunlight and rain. Lord Ganesh holding an umbrella signifies protecting his devotees from the pain and sufferings of their lives.

Our exotic collection of Ganesha Tanjore paintings includes a 25-year warranty card. You can choose to customize the size and frame of Tanjore paintings according to your requirements.

Adorn your home with these beautiful Ganesha Tanjore paintings to eliminate all your obstacles and bless your place with prosperity, luck, and wisdom.