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Krishna Tanjore Painting

Check our wide range of exquisite handmade South Indian-style Krishna Tanjore paintings. The paintings are decorated with authentic Jaipur stones and 24-carat gold foil by highly skilled artisans from Thanjavur. Lord Krishna's paintings represent love, devotion, positivity, sacrifice, and divine ecstasy.

Krishna Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Painting or Thanjavur painting is a classical painting style originating from the city of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The artisans used this art form for decorating the walls of palaces, temples, and homes since the Chola dynasty. Under the leadership of Nayakas, the city was renowned as the cultural capital of South India, encouraging music, dance, painting, and literature. During the Maratha rule in the region in the late 17th century, Maratha rulers encouraged the art form, and the current style of Tanjore painting that we recognize today flourished in the Maratha court of Thanjavur. Tanjore painting artform depicts pristine-looking gods and goddesses in rich, vivid colors and compact iconic composition.

Our wide range of 100% homemade Krishna Tanjore paintings include baby Krishna painting, butter Krishna painting, pot Krishna painting, Radha Krishna painting, Darbar Krishna Painting, Oonjal Krishna Painting, and Bama Rukmani Krishna painting:

Baby Krishna Painting: This oval Krishna Tanjore painting is Markandeya’s vision of infant lord Krishna lying on a banyan tree leaf in the primordial ocean.

Butter Krishna Painting: Butter Krishna paintings or Pot Krishna paintings of Lord Krishna reflect the charm and skill of Krishna stealing butter. The painting depicts young Krishna indulging in his activity of eating churned butter.

Radha Krishna Painting: Lord Krishna symbolizes love, and Radha represents showing the path. The beautiful Radha Krishna Tanjore painting is a vibrant piece of art that can add spark to the walls of your home.

Darbar Krishna Painting: Darbar Krishna painting symbolizes the joy and happiness of a binding family.

Oonjal Krishna Painting: The traditional Tanjore painting of Krishna seated on an Oonjal or swing anchored to the ceiling is a symbol of happiness. Radha Krishna Oonjal painting can be a perfect gift for a couple as Radha Krishna represents love and divine togetherness.

Use these mesmerizing paintings to decorate the walls of your home, office, and temple. These fascinating paintings are made using handmade paints, glass beads, precious and semi-precious stones, and 24-carat gold foil. You can customize the frame and size of the painting. Each of these Krishna Tanjore Paintings comes with a 25-year warranty.

Tanjore paintings bring positivity and auspiciousness to your house. These paintings are valuable antiques used for decorating homes, offices, business places, and temples. Krishna Tanjore paintings are also considered a royal gift that you can present to your loved ones on any occasion.

Buy stunning Krishna Tanjore paintings and enlighten the atmosphere of your home or workplace.