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Murugan Tanjore Painting

Embellish the walls of your pooja room, living room, hall, and workplace with the auspiciousness of graceful and traditional handcrafted Murugan Tanjore Painting to defeat all the evils in your life. Choose from the wide range of handmade classical South Indian-style paintings of Lord Murugan, the Hindu god of war.

Murugan Tanjore Painting

Decorate your pooja room, living room, and workplace with traditional and royal Tanjore paintings of Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Bring home Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting to defeat all the evil forces and bring divinity and auspiciousness. Lord Murugan, also known by other names, such as Kumara, Skanda, Kartikeya, and Arumugam, is a philosopher-warrior who taught the Shaiva Siddhanta and pursuit of ethical life.

Each Murugan Tanjore painting in our collection is specially handcrafted by skilled artisans from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The artisans bring out the glow and highlight structures, ornaments, etc., using semi-precious Jaipur stones, glass pieces, and gold foil.

Tanjore art form is a classical South Indian painting style developed during the 16th century in Thanjavur or Tanjore, the capital of the Chola Empire. The art form took its origin from the Murals of Vijayanagara during 1500-1600 AD. During the Maratha rule in the region, the art form got a distinctive style when royal Maratha artists decorated mural-style paintings using gold foils and precious stones. As we know it today, the art form is characterized by vivid colors combined with iconic composition and the use of 24-carat gold leaves.

You can choose from a wide range of Lord Murugan Tanjore paintings, including Murugan Valli Deivanai Tanjore paintings, Raja Alankaram Murugan Tanjore Painting, Murugan Acrylic Base Tanjore Painting, and Murugan Fx Tanjore Painting.

  •   Murugan Valli Deivanai Tanjore Paintings: Valli and Deivanai are the two consorts of Lord Murugan. Together, they represent the three fundamental forces that form the universe. Valli embodies ‘Iccha Shakti’ or the power of the mind, Deivanai represents ‘Kriya Shakti’ or the power of action, while Lord Murugan represents ‘Jnan Shakti’ or the power of intellect.
  •   Raja Alankaram Murugan Tanjore Painting: In this Lord Murugan Tanjore Painting, Lord Murugan is dressed in an ornate necklace and robes with a crown made of peacock feathers. Lord Murugan is also holding a staff in his hand with a peacock sitting on top of it. This pose of Lord Murugan is referred to as King Murugan or Raja Alankaram. This astonishing Murugan Tanjore painting is specially handcrafted by South Indian artisans using gold foils and precious gems.
  • Murugan Acrylic Base Tanjore Painting: Acrylic base Tanjore paintings are a unique combination of modern art and traditional paintings. The artisans craft the painting on an acrylic base and then decorate it in a traditional way using glass beads, Jaipur stones, and gold foil. This gives the painting a modern touch while keeping its traditional essence intact.

We offer a 25-year warranty card with every Tanjore painting. We also provide a customization option so you can choose the size and type of frame as per your choice.

Buy mesmerizing classical-style Murugan Tanjore painting to garner the blessings of Lord Murugan and enlighten the décor of your home and offices.