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How to recognize original Tanjore Painting

How to recognize original Tanjore Painting

Tanjore painting style is a traditional and exquisite painting style originating from South India. Also known as Thanjavur painting, the painting style has its roots linked to the reign of the Chola dynasty of the 16th century. Each Tanjore painting is a masterpiece in itself as these paintings are specially handcrafted by the artists and decorated with glittering gold foils, cut glasses, semi-precious stones, and natural colors. The painting style is renowned across the globe and considered the Heart of South Indian Paintings. Tanjore paintings are in huge demand as they are ideal for decorating pooja rooms, living rooms, hotels, workplaces and are a perfect gift to present to your loved ones for any occasion.

With the increasing demand for the paintings, piracy concerns also increase in the minds of the buyers. It is difficult for an average person to determine if the gold foil and gemstones used in these paintings are authentic without ruining the painting. Moreover, there are no regulatory measures in place to authenticate the quality of gems and gold foils used in Tanjore paintings. As fake gold foil and stones may look very much similar to authentic ones, it is difficult for a common individual to distinguish original Tanjore paintings from fake ones.

Are you confused about the authenticity of a Tanjore painting and don’t know how to identify original Tanjore Paintings from the fake ones? Follow these tips that can help you recognize original Tanjore paintings:

  • Check if the gold foil is original or fake?
  • The use of gold foil in Tanjore paintings serves two different purposes. It not only adds a radiant glow to the painting, making it more attractive, but also protects the painting, makes it more durable, and increases its life. A fake gold foil will look almost similar to the original gold foil, making it difficult for anyone to distinguish between the two. To recognize the original gold foil, check the color of the gold foil. A synthetic or fake gold foil will have a dark yellow color. Moreover, the synthetic gold foil will fade within a few years, while the real gold foil will remain the same way even after decades.

  • Check for Authenticity Certificate
  • An authenticity certificate is a signed document that can provide the authentication for the work and contains all the details related to the painting, like the use of gold foil, gems, and stones, along with other details. Every genuine Tanjore painting comes with a certificate. This certificate needs to be provided along with the painting. It certifies that the artist has used real gold and stones, and the artwork is identified correctly. If there is no certificate, the painting could probably be fake or use synthetic gold foil.

  • Check for warranty
  • When you find original Tanjore paintings for sale, ask for the warranty. A Tanjore painting is very sturdy and can last for decades. When you buy from an authentic store, the store will provide a warranty for an extended time of over 20 years. Always check if the store is offering a warranty on their paintings.

  • Check for layering
  • One can find details and multiple layering on an original art piece, and these would be visible with naked eyes. You may not be able to find similar depth in fake paintings. You can notice the difference between a fake and an original Tanjore painting. If you don’t have knowledge about this, you can also get help from an expert who knows how to identify original Tanjore Paintings.

    Check for layering

     Things to consider when buying Tanjore Paintings online?

    Tanjore paintings are now extensively available on the internet, and it has become easy to find original Tanjore paintings for sale online. When you look for traditional Tanjore paintings online, you need to keep in mind that not all the stores that offer such paintings are equal. If you want to buy an authentic Tanjore painting online, it is important to make sure that the website that sells the painting is genuine and reliable. Many online painting stores sell Tanjore paintings, but not every store can provide genuine Tanjore paintings. So, here are a few things that you need to consider before buying the Traditional Tanjore paintings:

    • The online painting store should have a vast collection of different styles of paintings, including Tanjore paintings, modern art, mural artwork, glass painting, oil canvas painting, acrylic painting, and more.
    • Check for customer reviews on Google, social media websites, and the official website of the company.
    • Make sure that the store offers its customers to connect with the artist or the seller of the paintings.
    • Before making a decision to buy from a website, make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions.
    • If you want the paintings to be delivered outside India, ensure that the store offers shipping of paintings to your target country, has the license, and is registered to export paintings to the country.
    • Check for the warranty provided by the store for each painting.
    • Lastly, check if the store accepts payment from a reliable payment gateway for secure transactions.
    Tanjore Paintings online

    Factors affecting the cost of Tanjore paintings

    When you look to buy Tanjore paintings, you will find that the cost of paintings varies largely across different platforms. The cost of a Tanjore painting can vary depending on several different factors. These factors include:

    • Category of Painting: Mainly, you can find four categories of Tanjore paintings based on the type of artists:
      • The first category of painting is traditional Tanjore paintings made by Thanjavur artists from Naidu or Raju communities. The ancestors of these communities patronized the art form during the reign of Nayakas. These artists use traditional colors and materials and follow traditional techniques to prepare Tanjore paintings. You may have to pay higher for such paintings.
      • The second category is the painting crafted by artisans who chose Tanjore painting as a profession. These artists worked under and learned from the traditional artists. They combine traditional painting techniques with modern techniques and can provide paintings at lower rates.
      • The third category of artists is freelancers who took a short painting course and started crafting their own Tanjore paintings. These artists mostly sell through social media, and you can get a Tanjore painting crafted by a freelance artist at a very affordable rate.
      • The fourth category is not precisely a Tanjore painting. These paintings are not handcrafted but are machine-made.
    • Quality of Material used: Most Tanjore paintings are commercial paintings that use less expensive or low-grade material. These paintings may look similar to traditional Tanjore Paintings but mostly use fake/synthetic gold foil and fake stones.
    • Type of base: Traditional Tanjore painting is crafted on a wooden board, whereas commercial paintings are made on 6 to 8 mm plywood. The use of plywood not only reduces the cost of the painting but also reduces the strength of the base by one-third. When the base of the painting is weak, the painting may not last long.
    • Quality of gold: The quality of gold foil used for decorating the painting is another cost-deciding factor. Artisans can use 18-carat, 22-carat, 24-carat gold, silver foil with gold coating, or synthetic gold to decorate the paintings. Most people may not be able to distinguish between these, but the use of gold type can be an important factor behind the cost.
    • Skills of the artists: The skillset of the artist is another deciding factor. Skilled artists give special attention to precision and details to craft a genuine masterpiece. A traditional Tanjore painting is characterized by round figures, almond-shaped eyes, rich and vibrant colors, plumpness of faces, and right gestures of hands.

    Tanjore paintings are the symbol of the rich culture and tradition of South India. These paintings bring hope, blessings, and joy to your home. An original Tanjore painting includes natural, vibrant colors, cut glasses, precious and semi-precious gems, and glittering gold foil. The Tanjore art is a complete masterpiece, and adding them to your living space provides a sense of royalty, auspiciousness, and tradition.

    If you want to buy original Tanjore paintings to decorate your living space, you may be worrying about how you can find original Tanjore paintings. It may be difficult to distinguish between an original and a fake painting, but it can be easy if you know what to look at. So, follow the above-mentioned tips to know how to identify original Tanjore paintings.

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