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Where can you buy Tanjore Paintings? A South Indian masterpiece that stood the test of time

Where can you buy Tanjore Paintings

Are you looking for something to decorate your home with off-the-beaten tracks? If this sounds similar, then Tanjore paintings can be the finest pick for you. Tanjore paintings are traditional artifacts made with iconic composition and rich, vivid colors to portray Hindu gods and goddesses, scholars, landscapes, and other objects.

So, buy Tanjore paintings to decorate your home as they are highly pertinent for the modish clienteles. Where do you think you should buy the best Tanjore paintings? Mangala Arts is an online platform offering an exclusive range of Tanjore paintings. They provide handcrafted premium quality Tanjore paintings made from the most traditional yet magnificent art form that originated in South India. 

Thus, if you are interested in buying antique art pieces, you can choose to buy Tanjore Paintings Online from Mangala Arts and décor your home and workplace with them!

Where to buy the Tanjore paintings that are 100% authentic?

People relish buying Tanjore paintings online and from the market in modern times. But this exquisite and unmatched art piece is also facing some piracy-related issues. Nowadays, it isn't easy to find an authentic painting store to buy Tanjore paintings from a reliable yet genuine store.

In such circumstances, you may have a question in mind about where to find genuine Tanjore art and save yourself from fraudulent activities? If this sounds familiar, don't worry at all! Visit Mangala Art and explore the collection of 100% authentic and best Tanjore paintings.

All the Tanjore paintings available in the store are genuine and come with a 25-year warranty. Our skilled artisans from South India only use 24-carat gold leaves to bring out the glittering look in Tanjore paintings. They use a vivid color spectrum with some gaudy superfluities for each painting.

So, what is so intriguing about the best Tanjore paintings?

Tamil Nadu's canonical art coined its term 'Thanjavur Painting' after the place of its origin. Its innovative style makes the art form popular around the globe. So, from where do these paintings date back? This painting style has its roots linked to the Murals of Vijayanagara during the 16th century. The traditional Tanjore art form was used to decorate the walls of homes, temples, and palaces. This artistry was practiced by two chief populaces, “the Rajus” in Thanjavur and Trichy and Naidus in Madurai. These Telugu-speaking Tanjore artisans from Rayalaseema migrated to Tamil Nadu during the wake of the Nayaks rule in Madurai and Tanjore.

The royal Maratha artists introduced ornamentation of traditional Tanjore paintings using glass beads, precious gems, and gold foils, giving the painting style a unique composition. This art form is ultimately exclusive in its holistic features. The best Tanjore paintings have a 3D attribute, and the paintings are embossed using glass pieces, gems, and gold leaves. This ornamenting style gives the painting a lifted or three-dimensional look.


Best Tanjore Painting Recipe

Tanjore painting is also known as “Palagai Padam,” which translates to a picture on a wooden plank. The painting is crafted on a canvas made of jackfruit or teak wood. Over it, Tanjore artists use vivid colors and some ornaments like gold leaf, cut-glass pieces, pearls, and precious stones.

You know what? In the past, painters used to apply vegetable and mineral tints as organic colors for Tanjore painting. But with time, chemical paints overtook this unique art form. Now artists use gleaming color palettes instead of flat ones like shades of reds, blues, and greens. The rich compositions of Tanjore paintings make them stand out from other Indian art forms.

Tanjore paintings are used to portray gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology in the different phases of their lives. You can choose from the best Tanjore paintings of various gods and goddesses, including 5 Gods, Thayar Balaji, Raja Alankaram Murugan, Raja Rajeshwari Amman, Vinayagar/Ganesh/Pillayar, Radha Krishna 3D Super, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Balaji, Swamigal, Murugan, Rama, Hanuman, and many more.

The technique of Tanjore painting involves six major steps, which include preparing the canvas, tracing your customized design, a sculptural stage, the decorating stage where glass beads, precious stones, and gold foil are used, improvising stage, and the final painting stage.

Mangala art best Tanjore paintings are heavily embellished using 24-carat original gold foils, natural and environment-friendly paints, semi-precious Jaipur stones, Arabic gum, chalk powder, and frames. The best part? You can easily choose to customize the size and frame of the painting according to your requirement and the space on your walls.

Let’s learn the the Historical Saga of best Tanjore Paintings

While the roots of Tanjore painting date back to the early 16th century during the reign of the Chola dynasty in South India, the current painting style got its real form only during the Maratha Empire. The extravagant palaces and temples in the region were embellished with huge paintings of sacred deities in Mural art.

Every divinity was portrayed with oval appearances, almondy eyes, and sleek bodies. A uniform or identical tone and colors were used to paint the holy figures. These paintings primarily have defined curves, drapes, and baroque margins. Its in-depth confirmation was a distinctive assortment in Tanjore paintings. The royal Maratha artists introduced the use of glass inlay and the embedding of precious stones and gold leaves to provide a rich, three-dimensional look to the paintings.

But when the fall of Maratha happened due to the overpowering of Britishers and the East India Company, the Tanjore painting style received more popularity and innovativeness. When the East India Company settled in Tanjore after the wake of the Mysore Wars of 1767 to 1799, the Tanjore artist was patronized. In 1773, when the British installed their military bases in the city of Tanjore for its British troops, the Indian artists illustrated the best Tanjore paintings for British personnel. These collectibles appealed to British sensibilities and tastes.

Britishers were inclined toward this art form of portraying Hindu mythological gods and goddesses, and the Indian artists also used the Tanjore painting style to portray scenes of fairs, rituals, festivals, occupations, and Indian flora and fauna.

Where do we get the diverse stylistic influence for best Tanjore paintings?

Over time, we were inspired by varied cultural groups for making Tanjore paintings. The influential styles in this art form include the Vijayanagara School, which entails the Kalamkari and Tirupati painting styles. Other styles envisage the Tirupati style of painting created in the celebrated sanctuary town of Tirupati. This style also carries varied mediums and methods to illustrate deities. Moreover, we are inspired by reverse glass painting techniques as well and offer a wide range of glass Tanjore paintings in which paintings are drawn on reverse glass.

Famous art pieces from Mysore also share many similarities with Tanjore's painting. You may get puzzled when you see both artifacts. The artists of Mysore paintings belong to Raju and Naidu communities and have their roots linked to the Vijayanagara period. The only difference in this painting style is the lesser use of gold foil, glass beads, and semi-precious stones.

In recent times, the Tanjore paintings still have a wide targeted audience that loves to décor their houses, palaces, and temples with such holy and antique paintings. Finding such antique and royal art can be difficult if you do not know where to look for it. You can buy Tanjore paintings online only from Mangala Art. These royal paintings are ideal for decorating your pooja rooms, living rooms, workplace, temple, or anywhere you wish to add the blessings of your favorite God. Also, you can buy Tanjore paintings online to present them as a royal gift to your loved ones.

So, if you're thriving to find the best Tanjore paintings, you should trust Mangala art maestros and buy Tanjore paintings for your pooja room, temples, hall, mall, home, reception, and office.

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Mangala Art Services and Values

Mangala art is a crafting business with a broad vision of endorsing Hindu mythology and classical art with a touch of modernity from Tanjore and South India. The founder of Mangala Arts, Vanmathi Balakrishnan, comes from Kumbakonam, Tanjore District. She was trained in the traditional art form for several years by native artists from the Tanjore region. After her marriage, she moved to Coimbatore, where she developed her talent and supported several artists from South India.

She has a team of 30+ artists who deliver premium quality work. Mangala Arts provides premium quality and innovative art pieces and promotes Hindu culture and artists worldwide. We are delighted to serve our customers across India and several countries, including the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, UAE, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. So, if you buy Tanjore paintings online from Mangala Arts, we'll assure you to give you a secure shopping experience on our online store.

We are waiting to hear back from you. Buy Tanjore paintings from a wide collection, which includes 2D paintings, 3D paintings, antique paintings, acrylic paintings, glass paintings, mural artwork, Warli art, coffee painting, and paper gold paintings. Happy shopping!

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